Food @Ikea Tampines

Hi guys, when we are talking about Ikea food, the only thing blast in our mind is “Meat Balls”, but do you know that Ikea has a lot more to offer?

Recently, I went to Ikea just to walk around and find some unique or I would rather say, seasonal menu from them.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Beef Cheek

At first, I was unsure of this option, just my skeptical mindset, but my oh my….if you see this menu, grab it! I paid $12.90 for these and it was AWESOME despite of broccoli that meant for nothing but a garnish. Spaghetti it self was flavorful. Main actor of this dish, the beef cheek. It was tasty and tender, portion was big and sauce was great. Cook almost well done, and no toughness at all. I would score this 4.5/5 and would choose this all day compare to the meatballs.

Nasi Goreng with Chicken Wings – Halal

It was not fantastic as the rice was cold and hard (but that’s probably because I got this like almost 4pm in the afternoon),those chicken wings though, it was kind of covering the whole emptiness of that rice. By the way, you could get the chicken wings by it self for $1.50 per piece and it taste the same, so I would strongly recommend this

So guys, when you are in Ikea@Tampines, Singapore next time, please try their other menu, they serve a great dessert too!

Till next time, cheers

Get to know myself

Off day from work today, and I was planning to actually finish up my learning as I’m preparing for some certification. Through out the day, I was reflecting to myself and passing time. Suddenly, I realized 5 hours has gone and what have I produced? The answer is NOTHING! I realized that I have put so much effort on thinking. Overthinking about everything, state of my work, my plan, my housing, my career in the future and everything else, even thinking about how corporate treat their staff and even world.

Still trapped in this procrastination and the state that I used to called “care about the world”. Trying to get myself out from this circle of nowhere and enrich myself with something beneficial for my career, hobby and my life.

I spent 8 hours in work, avg 8 hours to sleep, that left me with another 8 hours. 1 hour to commute and I need to start utilizing my other 7 hours to understand and enrich myself better.

It’s time to start doing some real action, and let go all the thinking.


God bless

2019 – New Goal!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all have a great one. As most of the people starting their new year, we have tendency to setup a goal for our life in this new year. Some call it resolutions, some call it target, some call it goal, etc. However, we have this problem where everyday, we have tendency to forget about this goal, as we are busy continuing with our life, our busy schedule, our work and some other things.

A goal or target or resolution, it could be as simple as trying to smile to the others everyday, it doesn’t need to be long term. Just a commitment to yourself. I, myself, is having this problem, to have forgotten the small things, small steps to move forward. Most of the time, I will procrastinate to encourage myself to wait and pause, that tends to be forever.

If you are reading this post, I would like to invite you, to a journey with me. In this 2019, hope that this year could be a better year. Let’s start from a small goal everyday. Let us constantly remind ourselves that, a change is a small steps that we decide to take, into action, every single day. A change, doesn’t need to be big and significant, but instead, smaller chunk of habits that we alter to make our life better. Just like a plant, that we feed each day, and it will grow taller and stronger.

God bless you all and have a great day to you all