Get to know myself

Off day from work today, and I was planning to actually finish up my learning as I’m preparing for some certification. Through out the day, I was reflecting to myself and passing time. Suddenly, I realized 5 hours has gone and what have I produced? The answer is NOTHING! I realized that I have put so much effort on thinking. Overthinking about everything, state of my work, my plan, my housing, my career in the future and everything else, even thinking about how corporate treat their staff and even world.

Still trapped in this procrastination and the state that I used to called “care about the world”. Trying to get myself out from this circle of nowhere and enrich myself with something beneficial for my career, hobby and my life.

I spent 8 hours in work, avg 8 hours to sleep, that left me with another 8 hours. 1 hour to commute and I need to start utilizing my other 7 hours to understand and enrich myself better.

It’s time to start doing some real action, and let go all the thinking.


God bless

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