Azure AZ-100 – Exam Experience

Just completed my AZ-100 exam last week, although It’s still a beta exam, I took a big leap of faith to just try it out and see how it will be.

Here’s my resource and experience

  • I have failed (2 times) 70-533 (I’m just not good in academic)
  • Mainly I study from Pluralsight – Path MCSA : Linux on Azure (this path actually covered Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solution (70-533) & Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS)

So for those who are not aware, Azure exam 70-533, is covering Linux topics so not mainly on Windows and Azure features itself.

Also, I would highly recommended the course on PluralSight from John Savill (@NTFAQGuy) Amazing explanation and great material to kick you off and prepare you for Azure.

So, dive in to the exam…………

I would rate this exam 9 out of 10 (10 being Extremely Hard)

No Joke! I seriously recommend if someone would like to take this exam, please make sure that you have hands on experience, at least maybe couple hours of hands on (you can get free credit from Azure if you registered for Azure service)

I can’t share the exam details, but let me put it like this, in the previous 70-533, the coverage is wide, too may subject to cover, so with this AZ 100 Exam, expect this to be clear cut as the details stated in the web page

But…with that being said, the exam will dive even deeper in every segment. Example if on 70-533 on networking, maybe the question will sounds something like what to applied if you want to get certain result, on AZ 100, the question will be asking what, how, where to applied to fulfill the requirement given. It also covered a lot of GUI segment, Powershell and JSON, so make sure you are ready for this. At least get the basic and make sure you know how to read it.

In total I had 65 questions, I guess, it’s vary depending on your luck, similar to the previous 70-533, it will range between certain question like for my first attempt was 50 questions, second attempt was 55 questions.

Microsoft as well introduce new segment of the exam, which was, Case Study! There will be some of scenario and details given, and by end of the description, there will be some Q&A. The old MCQ and True False Question are both still intact, no change for that segment.

DO NOTE this is still a Beta, exam mode will change through the time.

Overall, this exam, is highly recommended, although it’s very hard but I think it really measured your skill and do not expect this to be the same with 70-533, not even close.

Enjoy taking the exam and stay tune for the official exam

By the way, I have not received my exam result, but I don’t wanna hope too high as well 🙂

Cheers & Good Luck

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