Flip of the Coin – Literally…

Just learned something valuable in life, like people always said, friend or foe? I guess the right words to say are, friends can be foes and vice versa. When you are valuable to an organization, you are always a friend, people always listen to you, provided you can deliver your idea and words in a beautiful package that they always want to listen. But when you decided to go, because they do not care about your improvement? You will be immediately become a foe. Those who share a visions with you, may end up cross swords with you in the last stage of your career in certain organization. Real friends are really hard to find in the corporate world, specially when you have climb so high.

I had a chat with one of management staff in my organization recently, and just found out that he has a friend, that he considered, pretty close in relationship. They are lunch buddies, they went holiday together, multiple times, and…..they are supportive of each other decision, they are like..glued together. Little that I know that, recently there are lots of incident, like a wake up call for one of them. He shared that apparently, his other “buddy” that he trust so much, is planning to take over his position in the corporate world, and things are getting messier ever since. A lot of cross line decisions, disjoint and argument between them.

True friend are simply impossible to find, specially when money or career involved. The one that you trust the most, maybe the biggest enemy ever in your life, but there are still someone out there who could be your real friend in work, and they are like a gem, treasure them.


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