Life as an Engineer (1)

I guess, everyone would agree with me that in this life, we need a good mentor, professionally and personally in our life. I graduated and started my first professional journey as a junior programmer with one of startup company in metropolitan city of Jakarta. World kind of overwhelming back then, no guidance and no manual book on how to work professionally as a programmer. I guess I lost the battle and choose not to continue the path, despite of my curiosity about coding. Left my dream behind and at the same time, walking through the world of, what I think could be the best decision in my life – Infrastructure Engineering.

Fortunately, I had a chance to relocated to Singapore, and, maybe, start my career there. Confident with my skills, as I just completed my CCNA, I now, dream about being a World Class Network Engineer. I’ve been searching for a job with my limited resident pass (I need to get a job before I can convert my permanent pass) but, looks like Singapore didn’t like me. Didn’t managed to get a single interview call for almost 3 months, so I guess, my hope will vanish and gone. Road back to Indonesia were coming closer.

One fine day, call came in and guess what, my first interview, but, it was for IT Support. Well, I thought, at least I could start somewhere and earned some $$ to survive here. So I went to interview and guess what, I was accepted within 1 day – 2 rounds of direct interview.  I guess God has another plan for me. And so, my career start as IT Support, for a SME Construction company.

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