Certification vs Experience?

So…Certification or Experience? Which one do you thing more valuable?

In Asia, specially, the country where I lived now, unfortunately, certification is more valuable compare to experience. I have attended multiple interview sessions and at the same time, have interviewed multiple candidates, and I have faced unpleasant experience where a company told me that I’m incompetent because I do not have relevant certification to back up my experience and at the same time, candidate keep asking about opportunity to re-certified or to pursue certification.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no objection on all this, but being a good engineer to me, I think it’s more than being certified or experienced. Sense of responsibility and care about your work environment, this is far more important than certification and experience. Of course if you have 3 of them that would be fantastic. The ability to understand the weak and strong point of the company (business) what it needs to be better and how technology could support it, enabling the business to the next level because in today world, most of our critical job in the company are supported by multiple tools and vendors (unless you are working in System or Service provider company) but only if you can translate the need or business requirement, then you will achieve your goal otherwise, you will end up implementing solutions that doesn’t fit your company and be a cost center.

On the contrast, some of you may say, it’s expensive to engage such a service from professional service provider, well then, in that case, maybe that’s the time where you and your boss could start talking about training and certification. But all of that, start from sense of responsibility and care towards your company.

Life may not be always sweet though, there will be a time when you have tried your best but the outcome is not as what you expected. Maybe your boss is not convince or your company do not want to invest or grow you, my advise,  try it again, and if it’s still turn out that way, maybe it’s time for you to change something that within your capability, yourself.

Have a blessed day



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