Analyzing Old Files in File Server

Some organization will always have an issue on their file server, not being well maintained or too many old files scattered around the server. In this post today, I want to concentrate more on my method of scanning old files that I’ve used in my professional experience.


I have managed to get all the item/objects that was classified under the drive, so I thought I may need to refine this using a more specific requirement that I want, so I added some more parameters as below

Ok! so now I can see all the folders and files, those that are older than ‘1/1/2017’, but that’s not what I want, I want to be able to extract all the size and total files that were classified under that category. So I added another parameters as below

But somehow, measure-object -sum, did not give me any count on the total sum that I’m looking for, so…I do some investigation on this, and apparently, that’s because of the *string* in the first line that was produce by command select length. Simply by adding select -expandproperty length, it has given me what I want as below. As you can see on the top, total size of the files have appeared in bytes.

So now, I can use this numbers and present this to our management, for further discussion and clean up.


Azure AZ-100 – Exam Experience

Just completed my AZ-100 exam last week, although It’s still a beta exam, I took a big leap of faith to just try it out and see how it will be.

Here’s my resource and experience

  • I have failed (2 times) 70-533 (I’m just not good in academic)
  • Mainly I study from Pluralsight – Path MCSA : Linux on Azure (this path actually covered Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solution (70-533) & Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS)

So for those who are not aware, Azure exam 70-533, is covering Linux topics so not mainly on Windows and Azure features itself.

Also, I would highly recommended the course on PluralSight from John Savill (@NTFAQGuy) Amazing explanation and great material to kick you off and prepare you for Azure.

So, dive in to the exam…………

I would rate this exam 9 out of 10 (10 being Extremely Hard)

No Joke! I seriously recommend if someone would like to take this exam, please make sure that you have hands on experience, at least maybe couple hours of hands on (you can get free credit from Azure if you registered for Azure service)

I can’t share the exam details, but let me put it like this, in the previous 70-533, the coverage is wide, too may subject to cover, so with this AZ 100 Exam, expect this to be clear cut as the details stated in the web page

But…with that being said, the exam will dive even deeper in every segment. Example if on 70-533 on networking, maybe the question will sounds something like what to applied if you want to get certain result, on AZ 100, the question will be asking what, how, where to applied to fulfill the requirement given. It also covered a lot of GUI segment, Powershell and JSON, so make sure you are ready for this. At least get the basic and make sure you know how to read it.

In total I had 65 questions, I guess, it’s vary depending on your luck, similar to the previous 70-533, it will range between certain question like for my first attempt was 50 questions, second attempt was 55 questions.

Microsoft as well introduce new segment of the exam, which was, Case Study! There will be some of scenario and details given, and by end of the description, there will be some Q&A. The old MCQ and True False Question are both still intact, no change for that segment.

DO NOTE this is still a Beta, exam mode will change through the time.

Overall, this exam, is highly recommended, although it’s very hard but I think it really measured your skill and do not expect this to be the same with 70-533, not even close.

Enjoy taking the exam and stay tune for the official exam

By the way, I have not received my exam result, but I don’t wanna hope too high as well 🙂

Cheers & Good Luck

Flip of the Coin – Literally…

Just learned something valuable in life, like people always said, friend or foe? I guess the right words to say are, friends can be foes and vice versa. When you are valuable to an organization, you are always a friend, people always listen to you, provided you can deliver your idea and words in a beautiful package that they always want to listen. But when you decided to go, because they do not care about your improvement? You will be immediately become a foe. Those who share a visions with you, may end up cross swords with you in the last stage of your career in certain organization. Real friends are really hard to find in the corporate world, specially when you have climb so high.

I had a chat with one of management staff in my organization recently, and just found out that he has a friend, that he considered, pretty close in relationship. They are lunch buddies, they went holiday together, multiple times, and…..they are supportive of each other decision, they are like..glued together. Little that I know that, recently there are lots of incident, like a wake up call for one of them. He shared that apparently, his other “buddy” that he trust so much, is planning to take over his position in the corporate world, and things are getting messier ever since. A lot of cross line decisions, disjoint and argument between them.

True friend are simply impossible to find, specially when money or career involved. The one that you trust the most, maybe the biggest enemy ever in your life, but there are still someone out there who could be your real friend in work, and they are like a gem, treasure them.


Certification vs Experience?

So…Certification or Experience? Which one do you thing more valuable?

In Asia, specially, the country where I lived now, unfortunately, certification is more valuable compare to experience. I have attended multiple interview sessions and at the same time, have interviewed multiple candidates, and I have faced unpleasant experience where a company told me that I’m incompetent because I do not have relevant certification to back up my experience and at the same time, candidate keep asking about opportunity to re-certified or to pursue certification.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no objection on all this, but being a good engineer to me, I think it’s more than being certified or experienced. Sense of responsibility and care about your work environment, this is far more important than certification and experience. Of course if you have 3 of them that would be fantastic. The ability to understand the weak and strong point of the company (business) what it needs to be better and how technology could support it, enabling the business to the next level because in today world, most of our critical job in the company are supported by multiple tools and vendors (unless you are working in System or Service provider company) but only if you can translate the need or business requirement, then you will achieve your goal otherwise, you will end up implementing solutions that doesn’t fit your company and be a cost center.

On the contrast, some of you may say, it’s expensive to engage such a service from professional service provider, well then, in that case, maybe that’s the time where you and your boss could start talking about training and certification. But all of that, start from sense of responsibility and care towards your company.

Life may not be always sweet though, there will be a time when you have tried your best but the outcome is not as what you expected. Maybe your boss is not convince or your company do not want to invest or grow you, my advise,  try it again, and if it’s still turn out that way, maybe it’s time for you to change something that within your capability, yourself.

Have a blessed day



Welcome to Powershell (1)

Powershell, is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft…….Just kidding :-). I’m not good with explaining (Wikipedia has been doing a great job on that) what is Powershell but I can tell you, this tool is the most amazing tool that I have used and learned in my life. It turns complex job to a single liner. Definitely worth to learn and try. Thanks to Mr. Snover, engineering life is more exciting now.

I was introduced by my ex-colleague about this tool, super talented engineer – Sebastian Szumigalski, MVP (I hope I get your name right this time, LOL) you may find his amazing blog here as well, amazing content –

So, where do I start?

Simply start by clicking this icon below

You should see this icon, by default in your Windows 8 or 10 machine. For Windows 7, guys, I think it’s time for you to upgrade since it’s going EOL soon :-), but you still can use it, just go to Start button and search for Powershell. Unless you are bounded with some regulatory rules, like one of the company that I worked for, I think it’s time for you to upgrade to Windows 8 at least or 10, if possible, simply because you are missing too many amazing things.

There are 2 program of Powershell, one is the Powershell – Console and the other one is Powershell ISE, this is for Windows. Powershell has extended it capabilities to be cross platform and open source, so now for Mac and Ubuntu – Linux user, you can enjoy Powershell Core edition.

What’s the different between ISE and non ISE?

So ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment), is the place where you can write, run, debug and test. To simplify, I would say this is something like an editor (let me know if I’m wrong in comments below 🙂 ). Treat it as Visual Studio where you can split the coding environment and the result below. Console on the other hand, do not provide you with the coding environment.Mostly just write and run. You may try Visual Studio Code ( as well, it’s free of charge and outstanding software.

What is the current Powershell Version?

At the moment, for Windows it’s 5.1 and Powershell Core is on 6.0.

Thank you and I hope to see you in another post


Life as an Engineer (1)

I guess, everyone would agree with me that in this life, we need a good mentor, professionally and personally in our life. I graduated and started my first professional journey as a junior programmer with one of startup company in metropolitan city of Jakarta. World kind of overwhelming back then, no guidance and no manual book on how to work professionally as a programmer. I guess I lost the battle and choose not to continue the path, despite of my curiosity about coding. Left my dream behind and at the same time, walking through the world of, what I think could be the best decision in my life – Infrastructure Engineering.

Fortunately, I had a chance to relocated to Singapore, and, maybe, start my career there. Confident with my skills, as I just completed my CCNA, I now, dream about being a World Class Network Engineer. I’ve been searching for a job with my limited resident pass (I need to get a job before I can convert my permanent pass) but, looks like Singapore didn’t like me. Didn’t managed to get a single interview call for almost 3 months, so I guess, my hope will vanish and gone. Road back to Indonesia were coming closer.

One fine day, call came in and guess what, my first interview, but, it was for IT Support. Well, I thought, at least I could start somewhere and earned some $$ to survive here. So I went to interview and guess what, I was accepted within 1 day – 2 rounds of direct interview.  I guess God has another plan for me. And so, my career start as IT Support, for a SME Construction company.